Jekyll Island Rentals Perfect for Working Remotely

beachfront jekyll island rentals

2020 has presented several challenges and changed the way many people operate day-to-day. Many around the world are working and learning remotely for the foreseeable future. Countless people are feeling a little stir-crazy and itching to get outside of their home, safely. People are heading out of major cities to escape to their own personal oasis, get some fresh air, and make up for the missed family vacations, responsibly.

Here are our top 3 reasons to work and learn remotely in a Jekyll Island Vacation Rental.


Location, Location, Location

You’ve been cooped up at home and your morning commute no longer involves a highway or a subway station. Your commute is now from the kitchen to the desk and ends on your couch in the evening. You’re yearning for a change of pace and even a new background for those Zoom calls. Who says you have to work and learn from the same old space? Walk to the beach when you finish your last Zoom call of the day. Take everyone for a bike ride on your lunch breaks. Pack up the family and head to a new WiFi zone in your Jekyll Island Vacation Rental. 


Spend more quality time together

With the beach as your new front yard, your crew will get outside and spend more time together rather than retreat to your corners of the house and glued to your screens all day. Never feel guilty about taking PTO again, you can have the best of both worlds – family vacation without missing out on those Monday through Friday obligations. 


Everything you need to work and learn remotely

Your fully equipped Jekyll Island Vacation Rental provides you with a safe, clean spacious home with enough room for everyone. Work, play, learn, and relax knowing that after you press send on the final email, the ocean is waiting just steps away. A hot tub? Pool? Bringing your four legged friend along? With over 130 properties, we have an option to fit your family complete with the amenities you need for working and learning remotely.


Book your winter vacation rental now and enjoy beach life on Jekyll Island, without skipping a beat.